Gib natürlichsprachlich wieder, wonach folgende SQL-Anfrage sucht:

with ProdAct as (
        Prod.Name as PName,
        Act.Name as AName,
        count(Act.movie_id) as CountM
    from (
        select name, movie_id from actors
        union all
        select name, movie_id from actresses
    ) as Act
    inner join movies as Mov on Act.movie_id = Mov.mid
    inner join producers as Prod on Mov.mid = Prod.movie_id
    group by Prod.Name, Act.Name
    order by Prod.Name, Act.Name

select ProdAct.AName, ProdAct.PName, CountM
from ProdAct,
    select AName, max(CountM) as maxValue
    from ProdAct group by AName
    ) as maxCount
where ProdAct.AName = maxCount.AName
and ProdAct.CountM = maxCount.maxValue
  • Zeige den Namen jedes Schauspielers und jeder Schauspielerin, den Namen des Producers mit dem er/sie die meisten Filme gedreht hat und die Anzahl der gedrehten Filme.

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  • Language: Deutsch
  • Subjects: Databases
  • Type: Name
  • Duration: 20min
  • Credits: 5
  • Difficulty: 0.4
  • Tags: sql query
  • Note:
    HPI, 2015-06-01, Datenbanksysteme 1, Aufgabe 3.4a
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    2015-07-27 08:40:16 UTC
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    2015-07-27 08:40:16 UTC