Watch the video of IDEO redesigning the shopping cart (built-in scanner, wheels that can go sideways, small baskets and bags instead of a big basket, bigger handlebar, etc). Take a critical look at their result.

  1. Does the proposed design really solve all problems or is it just a collection of "interesting ideas"? (2 credits)
  2. Find two flaws or cases in which the proposed design will face problems. (2 credits)

The video ends with the designers celebrating their design, then showing their design to people they encounter in a store. If the people in the video came from an HCI background, ..... (1 credit) would be involved earlier and throughout the process. The validation of the design would take place using ..... (1 credit), rather than only using ..... (1 credit).

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  • Language: English
  • Subjects: Human-computer interaction
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  • Duration: 20min
  • Credits: 7
  • Difficulty: 0.5
  • Tags: usability design
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    HPI, HCI, 2009/2010 midterm exam, question 23
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