Fame or shame: Name a specific object or device you have used in the past and that was hard to use. Briefly explain why this was bad design. (3 credits)

Speculate: Why did this bad design happen? Another objective the designers optimized for, maybe? (2 credits)

  • When I got my first iPod touch I listened to an audiobook and memorized the minute that I paused. When I listened to it again I wanted to go there by clicking on the scroll bar, but the scrollbar did not appear when I clicked on the audio file. So I had to use the forward button. To trigger the scrollbar you have to click just on the touch area in the middle, but I hadn't known this at the beginning.

    I think it is not their focus, because normally you don't go to another minute in a song. You'd rather go to the next song. So you don't need the scrollbar often. But when you need it, you are supposed to know how to trigger it.

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    HPI, HCI, 2009/2010 midterm exam, question 32
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